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IMC PLANTATIONS LIMITED is a 4,145-hectare oil palm plantation and mill business based in Nsukwa Delta state. It took over the plantation business in 2017 from its parent company IMC LIMITED.

In 1996, IMC Limited was granted a 25-year lease concession of the Delta state owned oil palm plantation estate and oil extraction mill at Nsukwa Delta State. This estate is a 3500 Hectares prime agricultural land located in the Ethiope river basin.

Both the plantation and the Mill were initiated and developed in 1975 by the then Bendel state government, and was managed and operated by the state-owned Oil Palm Company (OPC) until the concession to IMC LIMITED.

IMC Limited took over the plantation in a gross state of neglect but has enviably turned it around to a well-managed and maintained plantation.

The total arable land area of the plantation is 3500 Hectares, out of which 2,500 Hectares is cultivated.

Each hectare contains approximately 139 trees. There are 250,200 adult trees in the plantation with capacity to produce an average of 15, 500 tons per annum of fresh palm Bunches (FFB). However, with the younger palms coming into adulthood, we would see a constant increase in production output to over 25,000 tons per annum over the next 10 years.
With a proud history that spans over 24 years, IMC has grown to be an efficient plantation and mill company.

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Our Team

Meet the team behind the management and daily operations of IMC's
wide range of products, farm and outgrowers program.

Brian Hammond
Brian HammondManaging Director
Michael Kemeh-Mensah
Michael Kemeh-MensahAg. General Manager-Plantation
Wilson Appiah
Wilson AppiahMill Manager
Chima Nwosu
Chima NwosuHuman Resources Manager
Sebastian Nyereta Olomu
Sebastian Nyereta OlomuCommunity Relations Manager

For food and cosmetics companies who need high quality Crude Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil. IMC is an Oil Palm Company that provides 24-Hour Tree to Mill processing unlike other Oil Palm Companies. IMC Guarantees reliable delivery of Products with zero contamination.

IMC’s team is motivated by the company, themselves, and the surrounding villages being more prosperous as a result of the transformation.

All the learning and team work necessary for the transformation is also a big motivation.

Improvement in the technical capabilities and soft skills of the staff, and also the smallholder farmers involved in our Outgrower scheme.

Improvement in the primary education of pupils in all the villages that IMC is located, as well as those in secondary school and universities through scholarship.

Double the income of Outgrower farmers by greatly increasing their farm yields.

Creating over 28,000 direct and indirect jobs by year 2023.

Helping Nigeria improve its self-sufficiency in oil palm production thereby reducing demand on foreign currency for imported food products.

To create a company with sound corporate governance that will allow it to survive many generations.